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If you’re serious about building a sustainable business – it’s time to put the strategy, systems, and support in place to make it happen.

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If you’ve been struggling to grow your business and actually have time for a life, you’re not alone. Most women entrepreneurs find themselves working way too hard because they are trying to do #ALLTHETHINGS to grow their business.

But the truth is – you don’t have to be everywhere or follow all the rules to be successful. You can create sustainable success on your terms. I’m here to show you how.

Latest Episodes of Promote Yourself to CEO

CEO Confession: Lifeproofing Your Business with Mindy Totten

CEO Confession: Lifeproofing Your Business with Mindy Totten

Can your business support you while you are going through turbulence in your life?

So often, we’re asking ourselves these questions too late. And if we wait until AFTER the huge personal loss, our attempts to recover can often be too little, too late. While we might not want to face it, it’s realistic that entrepreneurs will face a major life change AT LEAST every two years.

This week, the CEO Confessions series continues on Promote Yourself to CEO with one of my amazing accelerator clients: Mindy Totten. Mindy is a successful craniosacral therapist who has shifted her business to coach other bodyworkers looking to level up their business. One of the things I love so much about Mindy is that she is willing to talk about the hard parts of being an entrepreneur without holding back. On this episode, she is opening up about the loss of a family member and how she kept her business going during this extremely challenging time.

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Why Business BFFs Are The Key to Long Term Success

Why Business BFFs Are The Key to Long Term Success

Being in business FOR yourself doesn’t mean being in business BY yourself.

I get it, being the CEO can be lonely, especially if you’re dealing with all of the highs and lows without any support! You want people to pop the champagne with on your first five-figure day, and someone to call when your website crashes during a launch.

A Business BFF is an accountability partner, a mastermind buddy, a fellow entrepreneur who is RIGHT THERE with you taking action and learning what it really takes to grow a thriving business.

But it’s so much more than that.

These are the peeps who are your first call when you hit the lowest of the low, when you’re completely doubting yourself, when you’re seriously considering throwing in the towel.

They are the ones who you cry to when you just had your third baby, you’re feeling completely sleep deprived and crazy, and you need someone to validate that it’s not only OK to take care of yourself, but it’s the perfect time to make your business as easy as possible

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CEO Confession:: The Dark Side of Visibility with MegAnne Ford

CEO Confession:: The Dark Side of Visibility with MegAnne Ford


Showing up and putting yourself out there online is EXTREMELY vulnerable. I still remember the fear I had about just DOING a photoshoot, let alone running Facebook ads with my own pictures. I wondered what people would think when they saw a plus-sized mom of three with gray hair and wrinkles on their feed.

It was terrifying.

This week, I’m excited to share another episode of the CEO Confessions series featuring amazing parenting coach and founder of Be Kind Coaching, MegAnne Ford. We talk about the reality of visibility, online bullying, and finding community that will lift you up when you need it most.

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

3:15 I share my personal story of how fear of visibility held me back from doing a photoshoot for four YEARS, and how I dealt with people attacking my biggest insecurities online.

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