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If you’re serious about building a sustainable business – it’s time to put the strategy, systems, and support in place to make it happen.

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If you’ve been struggling to grow your business and actually have time for a life, you’re not alone. Most women entrepreneurs find themselves working way too hard because they are trying to do #ALLTHETHINGS to grow their business.

But the truth is – you don’t have to be everywhere or follow all the rules to be successful. You can create sustainable success on your terms. I’m here to show you how.

Latest Episodes of Promote Yourself to CEO

Behind the Scenes: Launching a Group Program with Judi Fox

Have you been wondering if now is the time for you to turn all of your years of experience working one on one with your clients into a group program or an online course?

Well, recently I was being interviewed by my friend and LinkedIn expert Judy Fox on her podcast, and ended up having a live coaching session.

She was wondering if now is a time to take all of the work that she had been doing with her corporate clients and one on one private clients and turn that expertise into a group program.

She took all of the information we talked about and ran with it, so I invited her to join me on my podcast today to share her lessons learned as she created and launched her very first group program.

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Live Coaching Session:: From One-Off Sessions to Premium Packages

Live Coaching Session:: From One-Off Sessions to Premium Packages

Today’s very special episode because it truly is an inside look into Sweet Spot Strategy, my online masterclass meets mastermind. I know that often people hear about programs and online courses and online groups and they wonder, well, what kind of support do I really actually get?

Though we have regular Q&A calls, sometimes there’s an issue that so many entrepreneurs are facing, that I need to dive deeper to help them resolve it. Usually that will lead to a minitraining, a guide, or other resource…

But what does it really take to bring your clients along as you transition from offering one-off sessions to premium packages?

What do you change when people just come to work with you for one session and then disappear?

How do you get them to stick around?

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How Tarzan Kay Pivoted Her Business with Success

How Tarzan Kay Pivoted Her Business with Success

After you’ve been in business for awhile, many of us start to think “I’m ready for a change. It’s time for a pivot!”

But it can be scary!

We might be worried that we are blowing up our business simply because we are ready for something a little bit different.

In this episode, I’m talking with copywriter turned launch strategist Tarzan Kay about her own business pivot and the lessons she learned along the way.

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