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How CEOs Make Time to Work ON Their Business

How CEOs Make Time to Work ON Their Business

Nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs have participated in the Fired Up & Focused challenge over the years. I’ve noticed that one of the biggest struggles for most entrepreneurs isn’t that they don’t have amazing ideas to grow their businesses… it’s that they don’t have the TIME to work on the big picture!

I get it.

The day to day of running any business is full of things to do. Working with clients. Answering emails. Posting on social media. But all these tasks that fill most of our work days fall under the category of IN your business.

What about working ON your business? Do you have time to…

Write that book that you’ve been thinking about for years?
Create the group or online program that synthesizes everything you’ve learned working with your clients… and finally allow you to scale beyond your 1×1 work?
Implement the systems in your business that would automate or allow you to easily outsource everything from attracting new clients to making regular consistent sales of your products, programs, or services?

You know that these big picture ideas would be game changers in your business… suddenly you’d open up new revenue streams, reach and serve more people, and finally be working smarter.

But how do you get more dedicated time to work ON the big picture? Here are 3 upgrades to help you build more CEO time into your business::

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How a model calendar helps me work just 25 hours a week!

How a model calendar helps me work just 25 hours a week!

The downside of being an entrepreneur?

It feels like you can never escape your business.

Even when you’re not sitting at your desk… you’re reading about business. You’re talking about business. You’re coming up with a million new ideas for your business.

Which is why it’s so ironic that the #1 reason most women become entrepreneurs is to create FREEDOM in our lives!

We dreamed of lifestyle businesses that allowed us to make time for what matters – doing work we loved while spending more quality time with those we love.

So how do you ensure that what needs to get done, gets done and you still have space for a LIFE?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. If you want to have a life, you’ve got to consciously make time for what matters most.

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Does Your Business Practice Gratitude?

Does Your Business Practice Gratitude?

A couple years ago, this heartfelt invitation landed in my inbox.


I am writing this invitation to you because you are a person who has inspired me. I may know you as a close friend, an acquaintance, or not at all, but something you have done has made me feel optimistic when I was very low. You made me know that strong people do amazing things when I doubted something hard could be done. You have something in you that made me realize that I have it in me, too. For that, I would like the opportunity to thank you.

I am hosting a “Thank You Party” to spend some time with women that I have admired from up close and afar. I hope you can attend.

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