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The surprising connection between living a life you LOVE and designing a profitable, sustainable BUSINESS.

The surprising connection between living a life you LOVE and designing a profitable, sustainable BUSINESS.

After working with hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs… I’ve seen a pattern that many of us buy into {that’s actually setting us up for insane amounts of stress and anxiety in our businesses}.

While we all want to create a business and life we love, I see many of us DELAYING the life we love because we believe that FIRST we’ve gotta work our fingers to the bone to create a successful business.

The result?



And a nagging feeling that we aren’t ENOUGH.

Even if you absolutely love the work that you’re doing and adore your clients… if you’re life is all work and no play, it’s only a matter of time before you hit a limit to how much success, happiness, and freedom you’ll really be able to experience in your biz.

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Here’s Your Permission Slip to Embrace Slow

Here’s Your Permission Slip to Embrace Slow

My husband used to tease me that I only had two modes::

The default mode – ON.

Always DOING. Accomplishing. Achieving. Pushing myself harder and harder until the job was done and the goal was met.

And when being ON for too long finally burned me out – I’d crash and burn into OFF mode {where there were days of binging on Netflix and catching up on sleep}.

Eventually it got to the point where going into OFF mode wasn’t enough. A few days break didn’t leave me feeling rested… I actually felt more tired. My energy reserves were completely depleted.

It was over 7 years ago when I finally got the message. That was the year that the burnout went from just feeling a little tired to weekly panic attacks complete with trips to the ER… and what was later diagnosed as adrenal fatigue.

I had spent YEARS telling everyone that I thrived in high-stress, high-pressure environments {yep – the ol’ ego loved that badge of honor}. Now, I understand that high-stress environments activates the release of adrenaline and cortisol – the fight-or-flight hormones. Great if you’re walking through the woods and end up facing a bear. Not so great if that metaphorical bear is literally following behind you every day, all day, for years on end.

Only having 2 settings – ON and OFF – was literally toxic for my health, my marriage, and my life.

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My Top 5 Lessons on Achieving More Balance in Your Life & Biz

My Top 5 Lessons on Achieving More Balance in Your Life & Biz

Work Hard Play Hard is my unofficial family motto.

Growing up with entrepreneurial parents, I watched them working tirelessly to build up businesses from scratch. Working 12 hours a day. Heading into the office nearly ever Sunday afternoon to prep for the week ahead.

I also watched them hit complete burnout. And spend their vacations desperately trying to recover from their insanely fast paced life {and no surprise – even before the invention of cell phones, they were still checking in with the office wherever they were}.

You’d think I’d learned from their experience… but no.

After a few years in a highly-competitive consulting career, I burned out my adrenals, started experiencing panic attacks, and realized that the Work Hard Play Hard path wasn’t the way for me.

I wanted to create a life and a living doing something that I loved… but also that allowed me to live in alignment with what was truly important to me.

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