Are you ready to grow your business to consistent, dependable $10k months?

All while staying in integrity, avoiding feast-and-famine burnout, and serving your clients and customers at the highest possible level?

Full disclosure:

Another marketing course or strategy won’t get you there.

Here’s what will:

Play a bigger game. Make a bigger impact.

Step out of “stressed out solopreneur” and into your “successful CEO” role inside:

The CEO Collective 2020

A 12-month immersive community mastermind + quarterly retreat experience for women entrepreneurs ready for next-level strategy and results — without the non-stop hustle.

The CEO Collective is open to 25 founding members only.
Our first quarterly retreat kicks of DATE.

Whether you want to change the world, make the kind of money you made in corporate, or just confidently run and grow your business while still having a life — the CEO Collective is how you get there.

Because you don’t need more information (or even a blockbuster launch.)

You need to become masterful at implementation.

Join at the price point that’s right for you:

Invest for:

( billed monthly)

Invest for:

$5,000 paid-in-full
(which gives you two months FREE.)

So: you’re out of the “start up” phase in your business,

and ready for next-level success.

Maybe you’re  daydreaming  about…

Growing your business to wait-list status

with consistent clients, filled-up programs, and consistent $10k+/month cash flow — so you can have more than enough to upgrade your lifestyle & support your family.

Building your team, systems, and processes

behind the scenes… so your time is spent in your zone of genius teaching, coaching, and inspiring others (instead of buried in busy work).

Expanding your platform as a leader

growing your email list and social following, crafting weekly content, guest posting, and pitching yourself to podcasts and live events that can’t wait to feature you.

Quitting the 24/7 hustle (and ungluing yourself from social media)

getting your family dinners and weekends back, and taking four weeks off per year… all while paying yourself a regular paycheck.

I want you to know: all of this and more is possible for you. And not just because I’ve personally lived it…

(In the 10 years of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve built multiple-6-figure businesses, raised 3 kids, and retired my husband – all while working less than 25 hours a week, and spending more time with my family than behind a computer screen.)

… But because I’ve helped 20,000+ students across a huge range of industries create this kind of secure, sustainable success for themselves — without wasting another dime on “quick fix” programs or courses.

Now it’s your turn.

Inside the CEO Collective community and quarterly retreats, you’ll design your business to scale (not just sell more stuff) for the long term, using:


Crystal clear 90-day growth strategies tailored to YOUR unique business, with hands-on support to help you reach them (so you can stop throwing overhyped “strategic” spaghetti at the wall.)


A step-by-step game plan with built-in accountability to boost your visibility, so you can stop waiting to be discovered, and start getting in front of new clients, customers, & fans every. single. day.


A math AND integrity-based pricing + offers model, to help you confidently raise your rates, easily communicate your value to clients who can’t wait to work with you, and fill your programs easily.


Practical, streamlined steps to build your systems + support team, so you can stop working so many hours, get your family time back, and still grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Here’s how The CEO Collective works:

Consistent implementation + community + coaching support
The best 90 days ever in your business — every quarter, all year long.

Phase 1: Quarterly CEO Retreats

Once a quarter starting DATE, CEO Collective members will come together at the beautiful Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia to plan your next 90 days week by week.

Not sure you can make it every quarter? No problem — you can attend every retreat in person, OR virtually — but the team and I would love to hug you in person.

This is your chance to take a weekend away, free from day-to-day distractions (and partners and kiddos!) to immerse yourself in your vision, map out a 90-day game plan that’s going to move your business forward, and build your foundation for long-term success.

Taking this time out every quarter to work on your business won’t simply skyrocket your results… it will help you feel more like the serious, phenomenal CEO you are.

Phase 2: Implementing Your 90 Day CEO Plan

Entrepreneurs with a plan are 2X more likely to grow! With your 90-day CEO Plan, you’ll know exactly what to do week by week to achieve your goals.

After running 8 live CEO Retreats, I’ve seen again and again that this process eliminates information overload and decision fatigue by helping you get laser focused on the most important strategies you need to move your business forward.

Why only 90 days? Because that’s the typical amount of time it takes to achieve a huge growth-related goal in your business. Every quarter at our retreats, you’ll set a new goal to build on what you’ve achieved.

Phase 3: The CEO Collective Community Mastermind Experience

Between retreats, the CEO Collective is also a community mastermind experience that weaves together proven business strategy and ready-to-implement systems with multiple layers of support.

With coaching available from myself, my team, and a crew of top shelf guest experts, inside the CEO Collective we’re dedicated to making sure you get the right support, at the right time, from the right people.

Your CEO Collective enrollment gives you total access to a mix of weekly Q&A calls with me, peer support from facilitated masterminds, hot seat calls, monthly master classes, and more.

The result? No more isolation. No more feeling alone. No more late-night googling for answers. You’ll have access to everything you need to get unstuck, and take the next step – when and where you need it.

Who’s ready for the CEO Collective?

Service or product-based businesses who’ve worked with their first 10 (or more) clients, and want to strategically scale up to consistent, predictable $10k/months.

High-integrity entrepreneurs who want financial security and reliable cash flow without cutting corners or selling their souls.

Coaches, consultants, health professionals, and course creators ready to stop relying on the launch model, and create monthly income they can count on (without burning out).

Non-techy people (and techies too!) Some of our members are bringing in $10k-$20k/month without even a website. We can help you keep it simple.

Creatives on a mission to lead by example, spread positive messages, and generally leave the planet better than how they found it.

Hardworking, whip-smart women ready to feel totally in control of their business, understand their numbers, and become powerhouse CEO’s they were born to be.

As a member of The CEO Collective, here’s what you’ll get access to every single month:


Quarterly Masterminds

Each quarter, you’ll be matched with a mastermind group of 5 other entrepreneurs to facilitate peer-to-peer accountability and support.

Groups will be matched based on business experience level and overall goals, to make sure you get the help you need, and stay the course.


4 Live Monthly Q&A Calls

Every month, I’ll host 4 LIVE Q&A Calls to answer your biggest questions.

The goal = to get you unstuck so you can get back to work implementing your 90 Day Plan.

Kiss late night frantic googling sessions goodbye. Inside the Collective, you’ll have support from someone who knows you and your business – every month.



Each month, I’ll host a 90 minute hot-seat call exclusively for our first 25 members to deep dive into a specific challenge in their business.

These hot-seats are the opportunity to not only fine-tune your business or marketing strategy, but for all members of The Collective to listen and learn from one another’s case studies.


CEO Masterclasses + Q&A sessions

In addition to the CEO Masterclass Vault (complete with ALL of my proven training), we’ve planned an entire year of advanced training to help you master each area of your business.

Each month, a new masterclass training by me or a guest-expert will be released to The CEO Collective followed by a dedicated 60 minute Q&A session.

The CEO Collective Curriculum, month by month:

APRIL 2020

Metrics that Matter

MAY 2020

CEO Training (Productivity + Self-Leadership)

JUNE 2020


JULY 2020

SOPs & Systems


Building your support A-Team




Next Level Visibility


Next Level Copywriting




Profit First & the numbers that matter


Protect Your Business – Legal Basics

MARCH 2021


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