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Why You Can’t WAIT For Success to Be Successful

Why You Can’t WAIT For Success to Be Successful

Today, we’re talking about why this mindset of waiting until you’re successful, might be holding you back from creating that success in your business.

“When I’m successful, then I’ll … ”

This is a question that really shook things up for me, because it showed me where I was holding myself back in my business and in my life.

And it can be one of those chicken, egg situations, right? You know you want up level your habits, and your team, and you technology, and your brand, but you need the clients and the cashflow, right? It can feel very tricky.

But it can also feel tricky when there’s areas of your life you want to upgrade. Maybe you want to upgrade your home, or your car, or your office space, or go on vacation. But you feel like “I have to wait until I’m successful to do that. First I’ve got to put in all the long hours and all the hard work, right?”

Well, maybe not.

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What is YOUR Definition of Success?

What is YOUR Definition of Success?

Like most children of the 80s and 90s, I was raised with a generation of girls who were told that we could grow up to have it all.

We could go to college. Break through the glass ceilings in corporate America. Bring home the bacon and fry in up in the pan.

We could achieve ANYTHING. And so we did.

More women than ever before are graduating college, scooping up Master’s degrees, and becoming doctors, lawyers, and professionals. We have incredible women in powerful positions, sharing how we can Lean In to become leaders, executives, and CEOs in our industries.

And yet, despite all of the progress women have made in the workplace over the last few decades, it’s simply not enough.

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Do You Have a Blind Spot In Your Business?

Do You Have a Blind Spot In Your Business?

There’s something funny that happens when you’re on the path of self-realization + personal development.

It doesn’t matter how many personality tests + assessments you take;

How many personal development, spirituality, and self-help books you read;

Or even which Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction CD you have playing in your car;

There’s still a blind spot that prevents us from fully seeing ourselves and recognizing the special something that we alone have to offer the world.

And that special something – it’s essential for smart savvy solopreneurs to stand out from the crowd!

Sadly, what makes us the most unique is usually something that we can’t easily recognize in ourselves. It comes so effortlessly that we brush it off. Surely if it was this easy, everyone can do this, right?

So because we can’t see this secret sauce, we look outside ourselves to experts and gurus to give us all the answers… only to realize that their cookie-cutter plans just don’t align with how we really want to do business.
What Is Your Secret Sauce?

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