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My Top 5 Lessons on Achieving More Balance in Your Life & Biz

My Top 5 Lessons on Achieving More Balance in Your Life & Biz

Being a mama is hard enough… but being a working mama? Every working mama I know struggles with the idea of creating more balance in their life. When my dear friend Alexandra of In Essence Coaching invited me to participate in this amazing lineup of smart mamas sharing their lessons on creating more balance, I was in. Sign up for the Find Balance Feel Joy Blog Tour to get all the amazing posts! Yesterday, Sarah Rosensweet encouraged us to not be so busy and tomorrow, Parrish Wilson will share her nuggets of wisdom!. Work Hard Play Hard is my unofficial family motto. Growing up with entrepreneurial parents, I watched them working tirelessly to build up businesses from scratch. Working 12 hours a day. Heading into the office nearly ever Sunday afternoon to prep for the week ahead. I also watched them hit complete burnout. And spend their vacations desperately trying to recover from their insanely fast paced life {and no surprise - even before the invention of cell phones, they were still checking in with the office wherever they were}.  You’d think I’d learned from their experience… but no. After a few years in a highly-competitive consulting career, I burned out my adrenals, started experiencing panic attacks, and realized that the Work Hard Play Hard path wasn’t the way for me. I wanted to create a life and a living doing something that I loved… but also that allowed me to live in alignment with what was truly important to me.  What if we created a life we didn't need a vacation from?Click To Tweet When I left the fast-paced traditional consulting world,... read more
Why a ‘big enough’ business is the key to designing a life you love

Why a ‘big enough’ business is the key to designing a life you love

As an entrepreneur who teaches other entrepreneurs how to design a lifestyle business, I see lot of hype. Not a day goes by when my Facebook news feed doesn’t include some variation of::

“Reach and make millions!”

“Don’t let your small business make you small minded!”

“How I made 6-figures in just 60 days… and you can too!”

As someone behind the scenes with my own clients and business BFFs… I know we’re only seeing part of the picture. We talk about the end results {all those dolla dolla bills} and we might get a glimpse into their lifestyle {complete with lavish vacations and fancy cars}.

It’s so easy to believe that bigger is better… that a 6- or 7- or 8-figure business equals finally having that FREEDOM we are all seeking.

When money is the only yardstick of success, it’s easy to get caught up in the myth that more money = more happiness.

Yet, the conversations between myself and my business BFFs has shared a completely different perspective. For those who are dreaming of a lifestyle business {ie a business designed 100% around supporting your desired lifestyle}, there seems to be a point where there’s some truth to the saying mo’ money, mo’ problems.

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How Becoming a Mama Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

How Becoming a Mama Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

The two biggest catalysts for personal transformation I’ve ever experienced are hands down becoming a mama and becoming an entrepreneur.

Both will force you to deal with your own sh*t, get out of your comfort zone, and test you on the regular. Sometimes all at the same time — before you’ve even had the first cup of coffee.
So in honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share some of the biggest lessons from mamahood that have made me a better entrepreneur {and you don’t have go through 36 hours of labor to benefit from these lessons}!

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