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What You Need to Know About The Summer Slow Down

What You Need to Know About The Summer Slow Down

This is the time of year many experience the Summer Slowdown. Some peeps think “my community is off on vacation… nothing I can do but wait for Fall. Might as well kick back and take a break!”

While I’m a huge fan of vacations, I’m also a huge fan of embracing the natural ebbs and flows in our business to work in my favor.

Understanding the natural seasons of your biz can help you take off running in the Fall!

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Why ‘Be Everywhere’ Is Bad Marketing Advice

Why ‘Be Everywhere’ Is Bad Marketing Advice

We hear that we should be everywhere.

We should be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We should be Periscoping and Blabbing… oh now we should be on Facebook Live!

We stress over blogging every week… no let’s make that a vlog… what if we make it a podcast!

And we also need to write a book. And we need to be speaking and attending all these conferences and events all around the world because networking is essential.

Then we need to be hosting webinars… having free clarity sessions… asking for referrals… doing all the things to build our business.

It’s overwhelming isn’t it?

One of the biggest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is simply understanding what strategies are the right ones to grow our unique businesses.

Without this clarity and focus in your marketing, it’s nearly impossible to gain real momentum in your business — adding more tips and tricks and tactics simply dilutes all the effort you put into a marketing strategy.

It’s time to uncomplicate the decision-making process so that you can sharpen your focus and choose the most aligned marketing strategies for you and your business.

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A Behind The Scenes Tour of My Blogging Strategy

A Behind The Scenes Tour of My Blogging Strategy

For many years, I had a love/hate relationship with blogging.
A little background – I started my first blog around age 19 or 20 as a naive college student looking for an outlet to document my life and share what I was currently into.

This was before Facebook literally became the huge social media platform it is today, allowing you to share what’s going on in your world with the world.

{Which means in the blogging world, I’m ancient. Pre-Facebook! OMG}

That first blog eventually evolved into a more grown-up version, where I was still sharing personal stories and insights about my life as a mom and entrepreneur.

When I decided to launch my first business, The Yogipreneur in 2008, I realized blogging for business is WAY different than blogging just for fun!

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